Who are Kimberley Sampson And Samantha Mulcahy? Bio, Wiki, Age, 2 Mother Died Of Herpes

Kimberley Sampson And Samantha Mulcahy Bio/Wiki

According to an investigation, two new mothers named Kimberley Sampson And Samantha Mulcahy who died of herpes could have been infected by the surgeon who conducted Caesarian sections on them.

Despite being assured there was no relationship between the deaths of Kimberly Sampson and Samantha Mulchay, their families are demanding inquests.


Kimberly Sampson was 29 years old and Samantha Mulchay was 32 years old.

Died Of Herpes Full Details

In 2018, Kimberley Sampson and Samantha Mulcahy died of herpes after cesarean sections performed by the same doctor.

While the coroners assured the relatives of the deceased moms that their children were infected with herpes “prior to hospital admission” and that there would be no inquest into their odd deaths, a BBC investigation has shown that there may be a link.

Both Sampson, a barber and second-time mother, and Mulcahy, a neonatal nurse and first-time mother married to her childhood sweetheart, had pleasant, healthy pregnancies before being forced to have cesareans.

Sampson was diagnosed when her labor stalled on May 3, 2018. Despite being in excruciating agony and unable to walk, she was released from the hospital two days after her baby’s birth with her newborn boy, only to swiftly deteriorate and be taken back to the hospital days later.

Doctors battled to figure out what was wrong with Sampson before finally identifying her with a severe herpes infection.

According to the BBC, she died on May 22.

Mulcahy went into labor four weeks early and had her baby via cesarean section in July 2018 at the same Trust-run hospital as Sampson.

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Her condition deteriorated quickly, and physicians fought to stabilize her. They misdiagnosed her with bacterial sepsis, and she died a few days later.

She died of an overpowering herpes simplex infection, according to the autopsy.

Both of their children are healthy, but paper traces discovered by the BBC imply that their mothers died as a result of “surgical contamination,” which could have been created by the midwife and surgeon who performed both women’s C-sections.

According to e-mails from a private lab brought in to investigate the deaths, the virus pieces found in both women were similar.

According to NYpost, Peter Greenhouse, a sexual health consultant in the United Kingdom, told the BBC, “directly seeded herpes into the abdomen of the women,”

“You can never be 100% certain what happened in these cases”

”from all the evidence that we have, it’s very unlikely that they acquired [the virus] before they got into hospital,”

The surgeon verbally stated he had no history of herpes or hand lesions, according to the East Kent Hospitals Trust, however, he was not tested for the virus at the time of the procedures, according to the publication.

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