Who was Khalis Eberhart? Bio, Wiki, Age, Little Girl Accidentally Shot And Killed

Khalis Eberhart Bio/Wiki

A youngster named Khalis Eberhart was killed with an unsecured firearm during the Thanksgiving holiday in South Fulton, according to authorities.

It happened around 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 25 inside an apartment in The Gardens at Camp Creek Apartment Homes.

According to South Fulton Police, Khalis Eberhart, 5, was with another juvenile when the latter shot the revolver, striking her in the chest.

She was rushed to the hospital, where she died, according to them.


She was 5 years old.

Little Girl ‘Khalis Eberhart’ Accidentally Shot And Killed

A gun that was sitting on a chair near Khalis was allegedly picked up by another child in the South Fulton, Georgia, residence.

Her grandma explained that it somehow went off, resulting in catastrophe.

After her father hurried to paramedics with Khalis in his arms, she was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Tracy Towns, the girl’s grandma, said, “Khalis was a very smart girl, she was very outgoing,”

“She kept a smile on her face, happy little child.”

The loss has been described as “shocking” and “traumatic,” although the family claims the shooting was unintentional.

According to her grandma, Khalis had a twin with whom she had a “great bond.”

It’s unclear whether she was there at the incident.

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Said Towns, “When you saw one, you saw the other one. They were always holding hands, hugging,”

According to Khalis’ grandma, Khalis’ mother died earlier this year, leaving her father to care for the three small children on his alone.

On Saturday, a candlelight vigil will be conducted for Khalis, and a funeral will be performed on Monday.


The event is currently being investigated by the police.

The relationship between Khalis and the other child who shot the gun is unknown at this time, as is the child’s age.

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