Kevin Seefried (Confederate Flag) Biography: Wiki, Age, Arrested With Son, Charges Full Details

Who is Kevin Seefried? Kevin Seefried Bio/Wiki

The FBI, according to a federal criminal complaint, has arrested Kevin Seefried, seen holding a Confederate flag inside Capitol Hill.

The FBI’s attempts to get the public to help them identify riot perpetrators were based on Seefried. The complaint describes him as the man seen in the photographs, widely circulated online, during the January 6 siege bearing a huge Confederate flag inside the US Capitol.

Kevin Seefried told the FBI that he had brought the Confederate flag to Washington with him from his Delaware house, where it is usually displayed outside.



Arrested With Son Full Details

Authorities said Seefried was in the Capitol that day with his son. According to the U.S., both Kevin Seefried and his partner, Hunter Seefried, were arrested in federal court in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, January 14. Justice Department.

They were both arrested in Delaware and charged with one count of intentionally entering or staying without lawful authority in any restricted building or grounds, one count of violent entry and disorderly activity on Capitol grounds, and one count of government property depredation.

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Credit: AP

The United States. The lawyer’s office said in a statement, “It is alleged that during the events at the U.S. Capitol, Kevin Seefried and Hunter Seefried entered the Senate Building through a broken window and, shortly thereafter, Kevin Seefried was photographed holding a Confederate Battle flag inside the Capitol Building,”


Seefried was charged with intentionally entering or staying without lawful authority in any restricted building or grounds, and aggressive entry and disorderly activity on Capitol grounds.

According to the lawsuit, Seefried’s son, Hunter, was also detained and indicted for the same offenses.

The FBI heard about the men’s names after Hunter Seefried’s coworker claimed on January 6 that he had bragged about being with his father inside the Capitol building.

Contact If Anyone Know Anything

The FBI can be contacted at 1-800-CALL-FBI by those with details about individuals who participated in the Capitol siege. Tips can also be sent by going to or clicking here.

Click here or go to to upload pictures or videos showing the abuse at the Capitol.

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