Who is Ken Amick? Bio, Wiki, Age, Charges, Accused Of Excessive Force

Ken Amick Bio/Wiki

Prosecutors accused Kenneth Amick of second-degree assault on Monday, June 28 after he reportedly put a man in an illegal chokehold during an arson arrest earlier this month.

Amick has been placed on unpaid leave until the outcome of the police department’s investigation into the alleged assault on June 7. Matthew Wilson, 36, who was wanted on a warrant, complained that Amick used excessive force by reportedly putting him in a chokehold, according to police.


He is 48 years old.

Accused Of Excessive Force

Kenneth Amick spent 15 years as a Greeley police officer. In 2006, he joined the Greeley Police Department. When police investigated the attack on June 7 and advised that prosecutors prosecute him with assault, he was removed from patrol duties, according to police.

On Monday, June 28, Amick was charged with strangulation, a type of second-degree assault, by the office of 19th Judicial District Attorney Michael J Rourke. It’s unclear whether Amick has retained legal counsel at this time, and none of the two phone numbers given for him have been answered.

What Happened?

On June 7, officers were dispatched to the City Center North building after a panic alarm was triggered. An employee informed the authorities on the spot that a man was threatening to burn it down.

Officers discovered a warrant for Wilson’s arrest when they contacted him at the neighboring City Hall. Amick allegedly put him in handcuffs in the lobby, according to police.

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Wilson became angry as he was led outside and claimed that the handcuffs injured his wrists. Amick then “suddenly placed Wilson in a chokehold,” according to investigators. Police said, “After several seconds, Wilson showed ill effects from this hold while being placed on the ground. A second officer attempted to intervene during this initial encounter,”

Wilson was eventually freed from the chokehold, but he remained shackled. He attempted to take Amick’s hand, prompting Amick to pound Wilson’s legs with his knees before putting him down to try to calm him down, according to authorities.

Officers then assisted Wilson in standing up and seated him in a patrol car. Two police officers expressed their displeasure with how the arrest went down, claiming Amick used excessive force during the event.


Investigators referred the matter to the district attorney’s office after determining probable cause for prosecution. In Colorado, felonies like the one Amick faces are punishable by two to six years in jail and fines of up to $500,000.

Amick is on unpaid administrative leave while awaiting his first court appearance on August 24. Amick was granted a gallantry medal in January 2020, according to the Greeley Tribune.

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