Who was Kelvin Igweani? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shot Dead By Police

Kelvin Igweani Bio/Wiki

An inquest heard today that a footballer named Odichukumma Kelvin Igweani was shot dead by officers while holding a youngster captive after a taser tried to disable him proved useless.

Last month, police shot Kelvin Igweani four times after discovering the body of another man at his Milton Keynes flat.

Kelvin Igweani, also known as Igweani, was pronounced dead on the spot. The sportsman’s distraught parents were in court today, accompanied by a lawyer, to hear how their son was killed by officers in his Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, house on Saturday morning. The footballer played for lower league teams in Germany.


He was 24 years old.

Shot Dead By Police Full Details

Neighbors reported hearing a “horrible commotion” on the first floor and forced their way in, prompting cops to rush to the scene.

They discovered the body of a man in his 30s, whom Igweani is accused of murder, as well as a critically injured six-year-old boy, as well as a lady and a daughter who looked to be uninjured. Inside, Igweani was also present.

After storming into a room where he was carrying a child, an officer “fired four rounds” into the young guy, and “a taser was also discharged,” according to David Bannister of the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

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Mr. Bannister said how police were called to a “domestic incident” at a block of flats in Denmead, Two Mile Ash, on the outskirts of the town, at approximately 9.40 a.m. on June 26.

Mr. Bannister said, “Thames valley Police received a 999 call after reports of a domestic incident. A double armed auto response was deployed to the scene. “On their way they were informed that another male was injured and a child was at risk.”

He continued: “Officers forced entry and they immediately came across a deceased male. They were confronted by Mr Igweani. A taser was deployed but it was ineffective.

“Mr Igweani moved into another room and closed the door. He was in the room with a young child. Officers believed Mr igweani was harming the child and forced entry. One officer fired four shots at him and a taser was also discharged. He was pronounced dead at 10.39.”

How Did Kelvin Igweani Die?

Igweani was killed by a gunshot to the chest. Family members formally recognized his body.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has been referred to Thames Valley Police, and a comprehensive investigation into the deadly shot is now underway.

During the brief 10-minute hearing, Mr Tom Osborne, Senior Coroner for Milton Keynes, informed the man’s parents, Nozi Igweani-Gilmartin and James Gilmartin: “I give my sincere condolences to you and the wider family about the circumstances of Mr Igweani’s death.”

The footballer is reported to have played for lower league teams in Germany, including Westfalia Wickede in Dortmund.

Emre Konya, the sports director, told Ruhr Nachrichten in Germany: “He was a really nice guy.

“The news really took me away. When I heard that, I immediately had a lump in my throat.”

The hearing has been rescheduled until November 17. Mr. Odinaka Igweani was given first aid but was pronounced dead at about 9.40 a.m. on Saturday, June 26.

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An officer had left the property carrying a youngster with blood on his face, according to a neighbor, according to The New York Times. After then, the child was brought to the hospital.

They said: “My wife was taking the rubbish out and that’s when she heard a scream.

“It was a man screaming and then she saw a police officer bring a young boy out and she could see blood on the boy’s face or head”.

One man living near the apartment said the family had only been living in the property for “a few months”, and described the couple as “quite friendly”.

Officers have informed both men’s families about the event. The small child who was taken from the premises was sent to the hospital in critical condition.

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