Katrina Aliff (Ohio Dog Training Instructor) Biography:Wiki, Age, Career, Charges

Katrina Aliff Ohio Dog Training Instructor

Katrina Aliff Biography

Katrina Aliff is an Ohio dog training instructor from South Carolina who is accused of molesting an 11-year-old child on a cross country trip from Minnesota to Greenville, SC.

She now faces charges from the federal government.

The complaint alleges that Aliff wisely induced the child victim under the age of 12 to “engage in sexual acts after traveling from South Saint Paul, Minnesota to Greenville, South Carolina.” South Carolina law enforcement officials were informed of an abduction from South Saint Paul, Minnesota on September 8, 2019. Police found a potential place where the baby is believed to be

Katrina Aliff Age

Katrina Aliff is 23 years old.

Katrina Aliff Molestsa a Child

Aliff is accused of disturbing a child, he is believed to have been in South Carolina and elsewhere between 6 and 8 September 2019.

“did knowingly cross a state line with the intent to engage in a sexual act” with a person “who had not attained the age of 12 years.The indictment alleges that Aliff”

#1.”(The victim) from Minnesota to Greenville, SC.

South Carolina law enforcement officers were informed of an abduction from South St. Paul, Minnesota on September 8, 2019. Police found a possible location where the child is assumed to be “which was known as the current residence of Aliff.

“When authorities arrived at Aliff’s apartment her roommate consented to them accessing the apartment, the federal complaint says, and the child “was found in Aliff’s bedroom with Aliff.”

According to the lawsuit, when she opened her bedroom door, it was found that Aliff was wearing a tank top and no additional clothing to include undergarments. The baby was discovered on the far side of the bed in the bedroom of Aliff without any shoes.

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Aliff and the girl had planned to meet the child at 1:30 a.m. to decide a spot, a gas station near the girl’s home and a time. Central time, according to the lawsuit, for the woman to meet Aliff. Aliff had picked her up in her car and they started the trip to South Carolina when they got to Aliff’s house, her roommate left them alone, drinking some of the beer and then soaking in a bathtub together. They started sexual activity when they were together in the pool, the complaint alleges. They drank more beer and Aliff reportedly identified the woman.  “as a little bit loose‘cause of the alcohol.” According to the lawsuit, they pursued sexual activity in Aliff’s home.

Katrina Aliff Roommate

On September 8, 2019, Aliff and Jane arrived at her apartment and, according to the lawsuit, Aliff introduced the woman as a friend to her roommate. Her roommate left them there, drinking some of the beer and then swimming in a bathroom together. They initiated sexual activity when they were together in the shower, alleges the lawsuit.

Katrina Aliff And Amino App

Katrina Aliff And Amino App

The lawsuit argues that on September 2, 2019, the father of the girl found communications between Aliff and the child that caused the father of the child to destroy the phone. According to the lawsuit, the child continued to interact with Aliff until September 4, 2019 via a tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity while visiting family members.

In a news conference on cyber offenders, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson recommended that parents can be downloaded on their children’s devices to track the electronic actions of teenagers. He advised parents not to. “stop being a parent…Have real conversations about the dangers out there. We wouldn’t let our children go around the world by themselves, but we let them go around the World Wide Web by themselves.”

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Katrina Aliff Charges

Katrina Aliff Charges

The charges were filed for the South Carolina Greenville County District Court of the United States. The affidavit filed in September 2019 in support of the criminal complaint. Aliff was charged with one count of aggravated sexual abuse of a child under 12 years of age and one count of transportation and travel of a minor planning to engage in immoral and unlawful sexual activity.

Katrina Aliff Mental Health

The government moved to prison on September 10, according to court records. Aliff was told the court “was in need of physical and mental health care,” documents say, and the court approved the defendant’s application for an assessment of mental health. For a reasonable time, she was sent to a federal facility until the tests could be done.

Katrina Aliff And Animals

Katrina Aliff
Katrina Aliff

The online record trail of Aliff centers around pets that she had previously entered at the Ohio State Fair in a dog show. A list of results says she showed Chase, a border collie, finishing fourth.

An Instagram page in the name of Aliff is almost completely filled with animal pictures, including a dog, cat, ducks, and horses.

“Triplets!! I was very surprised that our girl duck is now a mommy of three little ones even though it came of a price.. Poor gal been widowed twice but that’s okay because she has babies!!!!” she wrote on Instagram in 2014. She captioned a photo of a dog on a slide: “Ahhhhhh this is scary and this slide is super wet MOM!!!!!!!”

Katrina Aliff Career

An online background check on Aliff has her listed as a certified dog instructor/coach from Ohio.

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