Who is Katie Sorensen? Bio, Wiki, Age, Charged, Investigation, Latino Couple Attempted Kidnapping Full Details

Katie Sorensen Bio/Wiki

Katie Sorensen, a mom influencer, went viral in December 2020 after posting two videos on her Instagram account claiming that her children were about to be kidnapped.

Sorensen said the incident occurred at Michael’s craft store in Petaluma, California, and that the suspected crime was attempted by a local Latino couple.

Sorensen was found to be lying, and she was charged with providing false information to the police. The mother of two from Sonoma, California, faces two misdemeanor charges after making false claims against the couple on her Instagram profile, which has received millions of views. This is now being seen as racial discrimination.


Her age is unknown.

Latino Couple Attempted Kidnapping Full Details

Sorensen had just 6,000 Instagram followers when she posted a video saying her children were nearly abducted while she was shopping with them in Petaluma, California.

As soon as the videos went to life, they were widely shared and well-received, propelling her to viral status almost immediately, with 80,000 followers. However, several of these people, including the police, accused her of fabricating a story when they noticed contradictions in her story.

Sorensen has an Instagram account named @motherhoodessentials, which is still active, but her personal account and the two videos she shared have been made private since the allegations surfaced.

Police in Petaluma, California, said that the story Sorensen told her followers was not the same as the one she told them, that the facts she gave them were not the same as what she told them, and that they didn’t have enough evidence to make a case.

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Sorensen posted the video, explaining that speaking about the topic makes her uncomfortable, but that she is doing so to raise awareness.

She said in the video, “I think right now we are so distracted by everything that is going on in the world that we kind of have our guards up about masks and wanting to keep our children safe that way that we are forgetting the most important way to keep them safe, and that is with us and to not have them taken,”

She said she was “followed inside the store” by a man and woman who “made remarks about the appearance of [her] children,” according to a statement to the Petaluma Police Department the police said. “The couple was said to have followed the woman to her car, where they lingered near the stroller as the woman placed her children in the vehicle,


According to reports, the Petaluma Police Department concluded the investigation and referred the case to the District Attorney’s office. Sorensen has been charged with two misdemeanors, each of which carries a maximum term of six months in jail.

According to sources, a defendant in such a case is rarely given too much time unless there are “very specific circumstances” involved.

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