Who was Kassidy Smith? Bio, Wiki, Age, Baby Dies Falling Out Of Moving Car

Kassidy Smith Bio/Wiki

According to investigators, a child died after jumping out of a moving automobile and being hit by another driver who failed to stop after the deadly collision, TheSun reported.

Little Kassidy Smith was struck and killed near the junction of North MacArthur Boulevard and Ranchview Drive in Irving, Texas around 10.30 a.m. on Sunday.


The baby was just 8 months old.

Little Baby Kassidy Smith Dies Falling Out Of Moving Car Full Details

Kassidy’s mother, who has not been identified, was turning left onto Ranchview when the car’s right-rear passenger door opened, allowing Kassidy to fall out into the road.

Investigators suspect the toddler was struck by a dark automobile that failed to stop following the crash, according to Irving police spokesperson Robert Reeves.

According to Reeves, the driver may not have even realized they had hit the child.

While the case is still being investigated, Reeves believes Kassidy was not fastened in a child seat in the moments leading up to her death.

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