Who was Karen Juday? Bio, Wiki, Age, 9/11 Jumper

Karen Juday Bio/Wiki

Karen Juday, a victim of 9/11 who jumped from a burning building. Karen, an administrative assistant at the Cantor Fitzgerald brokerage firm, was one of the victims recorded on tape.

The photographs of the 9/11 jumpers were accidentally captured by a photographer named Richard Drew.

Following a tip from a CNN cameraman, Richard arrived at the area. A plane had already hit the north wing by that time. A second one would strike the other wing sixteen minutes later.


She was 52 years old.

Karen Juday 9/11 Jumper

After a hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north wing of the Twin Towers in the first of three coordinated terrorist strikes that fateful day, many victims who couldn’t find any way out leaped out of the buildings to avoid being burned alive.

Following a tip from a CNN cameraman, a photographer named Richard Drew was on the area, now known as Ground Zero, and accidentally recorded the photographs of the 9/11 jumpers.

The photographer caught some of history’s most terrifying photos, including the ‘Falling Man’ and ‘Falling Woman.’ Karen Juday was the ‘Falling Woman.’

Juday was a 52-year-old administrative assistant at the brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald. She was from New Bremen, New York City.

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Her office was placed on the building’s 101st floor. Richard Pecorella, her boyfriend, had brought her to Brooklyn.

She was recognized by the city after 9/11 when a little portion of the road in her Bensonhurst neighborhood was dedicated in her honor at the corner of 64th Street and 20th Avenue.


She was born on February 22, 1949, to parents Willard and Orpha Hawley.

She went to Nappanee schools and afterward moved to Elkhart, Indiana, where she worked for Crown International, a firm that specializes in audio components.

Before she met her boyfriend Pecorella, she was married to someone else. According to the Goshen News, she was also a mother to a boy and a girl.

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