Kane Mitchell Biography: Wiki, Age, Guilty, Killed 12-Week-Old Boy Full Details

Who is Kane Mitchell? Kane Mitchell Bio/Wiki

In a “violent” attack, a man named ‘Kane Mitchell‘ killed his partner’s “perfect” 12-week-old boy after shaking the child and smashing his head.

Kane Mitchell was found guilty in the flat he shared with the boy’s mother, Lucci Smith, in St Netos, Cambridgeshire, of murdering little Teddie Mitchell.


He is 31 years old. The baby was 12 week and mother Lucci Smith is 29 years old.

Killed 12-Week-Old Boy Full Details

Smith, who called Teddie a ‘perfect little child’ while providing testimony at her trial, was convicted of cruelty to an infant.

On 5 February, the pair are due to be convicted. Cambridge Crown Court heard that while Mitchell was not the father of Teddie, he was raised by the pair as if that had been the case. Prosecutor Karim Khalil QC told the court that in the flat on 1 November 2019, Teddie was “subjected to a violent assault” and died 10 days later.

Mr. Khalil said, “He received fatal injuries as a result of being gripped hard, shaken vigorously and having his head struck against a hard surface,”

Also, Mitchell was found guilty of causing or encouraging a child to suffer serious harm. Smith was cleared of causing or allowing a child’s death and of causing or allowing a child to experience serious damage.

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Interactions with health visitors and social services were also recorded in the trial. Smith spoke of her concern about receiving a letter from social services in July 2019, but they thought no further intervention was needed in a review of the case.

They were appointed a social worker at the end of September 2019 after a fight between Smith and Mitchell, in which he punched his partner.

A social worker discussed the topic of domestic abuse with Smith, the court heard, but the defendant pointed out that Mitchell was in the house and that the discussion ended.

A spokeswoman for the Cambridgeshire County Council said the situation was subject to a review of a local child safeguarding activity review “so it would be inappropriate to comment until this is complete”.

She said the research was “considering learning points for all the agencies that worked with the family”.

She added, “For a very young child to have been killed in their home where they should feel safe by those who are there to protect them is clearly a tragedy. That those responsible have been brought to justice is clearly welcomed,”

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