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Investigators say a Florida man fatally shot another customer at a Starbucks drive-thru on Wednesday during a confrontation. Around noon, WPTV confirmed that Justin Boersma cut in front of a truck in line at a Starbucks drive-thru in Lake Worth Beach.

The truck’s driver, Samuel Rossetti, 31, got out and approached Boersma’s vehicle, according to surveillance video. Rossetti hit the window with his hand after failing to open the door handle.

When Boersma got out of his Nissan Versa with a Glock 9mm pistol and fired several shots at Rosetti, he ripped off the door handle and began walking back to his vehicle. Boersma then walked away from the scene.


He is 19 years old.

Fatally Shoots His Customer Full Details

Rosetti was found unresponsive on the ground when investigators arrived. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

WPTV announced that Boersma turned himself into authorities later that day. Boersma confessed to shooting Rossetti because he didn’t know what he had in his truck and was afraid for his girlfriend and baby, who were also in the vehicle, according to investigators.

He said he left the area and did not assist Rosetti because he wanted to contact his lawyer and needed to get home.

According to WPTV, Boersma was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and shooting a weapon in public. He is being kept in prison without being able to post bail.

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According to one criminal defense lawyer, Boersma may have a case under Florida’s infamous Stand Your Ground rule.

‘I believe this is a case that was made for the Stand Your Ground rule,’ Patrick McKamey, a criminal defense attorney in Palm Beach County, told CBS 12. ‘It seems to be a fantastic event.’

McKamey added, ‘The defense can reasonably argue, it’s unreasonable to think that if he’s not in fear for his life or the life of those in the vehicle, why would somebody with an infant in the car go out and start shooting,’


Justin Ray Boersma was charged with murder in the first degree. Boersma is being held without bail after being charged with shooting a firearm in public.

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