Jung Hun-Cheol (Iron) Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Death Cause

Who is Jung Hun-Cheol? Jung Hun-Cheol Bio/Wiki

Jung Hun-Cheol, best known as his stage name Iron, was a rapper from South Korea. On Show Me the Money 3, he was a contestant. He was born on January 8, 1992, in South Korea.

On September 9, 2016, he released his first album, Rock Bottom.

According to news, on 25 January 2021, at 10.25 a.m. KST, he was found lying in a flowerbed outside an apartment complex by a security guard, bleeding. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but on arrival, he was pronounced dead.


He was 29 years old.


Iron, who released his debut solo album ‘Rock Bottom’ in September 2016, also collaborated with a number of reputed K-pop artists such as Hyolyn, Jooyoung, late Jonghyun of SHINee, Jimin of AOA, and Kim Bum Soo of AOA.

Jung Hun-Cheol Was Arrested

He was arrested in 2020 for supposedly assaulting his teenage roommate. In 2016, the rapper was also accused of using marijuana and allegedly accused of assaulting his former girlfriend. After the 2018 assault case, the hip-hop artist faced two years of probation and 80 hours of community service with a warning of two years of imprisonment if discovered to be breaking probation.

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He was found guilty of marijuana use in 2015 and was sentenced to eight months in jail, also suspended for two years.

In 2018, in an appeals trial for assaulting and threatening his former girlfriend, Jung was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to complete 80 hours of community service by the Seoul Central District Court.

He was fined 5 million won ($4,600) in September for bribing a reporter in order to make false reports about his former girlfriend.

Death Cause

Jung Hun-Cheol was first discovered by his security guard in his home, local media reports have reported. He was found bleeding and unconscious in an apartment complex in Jung-go, Seoul.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but after arriving, he was declared dead, reports say. So far, no official explanation has been disclosed for the cause of death.

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