Jude Chinn (Little Boy Died) Biography: Wiki, Age, Death Cause, Tummy Ache Details

Who is Jude Chinn? Jude Chinn Bio/Wiki

Just 48 hours after complaining of a tummy ache, a grieving mother told how her little boy named Jude Chinn died.

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Before he unexpectedly passed away last summer, Jude Chinn was described as a ‘happy, healthy, smiley, wonderful, loving little boy.’


He was only 3 years old.

Tummy Ache Full Details (How Did He die?)

The scans showed that his intestines had become twisted. He was rushed to Bristol Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery, but despite the medics’ efforts, he could not be saved.

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Now, Taunton’s mom, Laura Chinn, has given her son a heartbreaking tribute. She said to the Somerset Live, “He was a happy, healthy, smiley, wonderful, caring little boy. He loved his little brothers, who are aged six and one.

“He was fine, had no underlying health conditions or anything, then went to bed having just FaceTimed his granddad and uncle. An hour later he was complaining of a tummy ache and was sick throughout the night.

“In the morning he was quite unresponsive, drifting in and out. We rang for help and he was rushed into Musgrove Park hospital where they tried to assess what was going on.”

Medics figured he might have diabetes with the tot. A scan, however, ruled the diagnosis out.

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During an operation to investigate the origin of Jude’s disease, doctors found that part of the small bowel had “died off” They sent Jude to a bigger emergency care center, where he was struggling for life support for 24 hours before passing away, his mom said.

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She said, “At that point, our world fell apart, We were just blown away by the care and compassion shown from every single member of staff.

She added, “It was the worst time of our lives, but each member of staff came in with such positivity and energy, it gave us hope that everything would be normal and alright.”

JustGiving Fundraising

In equivalent cases, the family is now collecting funds for families.

In only nine days, the 900-mile journey between John O’Groats and Land’s End will be completed by a team of 18 fundraisers.

Dad Richard told, “We’re going to raise as much money as possible, because anybody in our situation deserves that.

“We came home and within a couple of weeks we’d discussed with a few friends what we wanted to do.

“We wanted to do something that would be hard work, really difficult and take a lot of dedication, not fun. Three or four of us came up with the idea to cycle from John O’ Groats to Land’s End, and it caught fire from there.”

More than £48,000 was collected on the JustGiving website.

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