Johnny De Fazio Biography: Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Career, Death Cause

Who is Johnny De Fazio? Johnny De Fazio Bio/Wiki

Johnny De Fazio, also known as Jumping Johnny De Fazio, was a professional wrestler from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. He was popular in the 1960s and 1970s and was a fan favorite. He was born on November 30, 1940, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Bill Cardille hosts the event in Pittsburgh. He won the Junior Heavyweight Championship of the World Wide Wrestling Federation four times.

He was also a member of the United Steelworkers of America (USW). From 1999 to 2019, he served on the Allegheny County Council as the union’s director in Pennsylvania.


He was 80 years old.


Marsha is the wife of Johnny De Fazio.


The couple has 6 children. They live in Shaler Township, Pennsylvania.


He started wrestling in 1962 as a member of Spectator Sports, a Pittsburgh territory run by Joseph “Toots” Mondt as part of his larger company, Capitol Sports, which he co-owned with Vince McMahon Sr. Spectator Sports remained Pittsburgh’s WWWF affiliate until Capitol Sports became the WWWF in 1963, and even more so in 1966, when it was acquired by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino.

He became one of the area’s top babyfaces, second only to Sammartino, and was often tagged with the WWWF World Champion as “Jumping” Johnny DeFazio.

Before retiring from the ring in 1984, Johnny DeFazio fought for the WWWF and then the WWF after Vince McMahon Jr. took over the corporation in 1982. In April of that year, he beat The Red Demon (Puerto Rican star Jose Luis Rivera) at a WWF house show in Pittsburgh.

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He entered local politics in 2000 when he was elected to the Allegheny County Council, where he served as President until 2019.

Death Cause

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald reported Friday that John DeFazio, a former longtime member of the Allegheny County Council and its first president, had died.

DeFazio had been fighting cancer in recent years, according to Fitzgerald.

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