Janice Dyson (John McAfee Wife) Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, John McAfee Death Cause

Who is John McAfee Wife?

Janice Dyson is the wife of John McAfee.

McAfee was approached by Janice Dyson, a pro*titute in South Beach, the night after he arrived in the United States after being deported from Guatemala in December 2012.

They stayed up all night together. Despite the fact that Dyson is more than 30 years McAfee’s younger, the two started dating and married in 2013.

On June 23, 2021, software entrepreneur John McAfee committed suicide in his Barcelona jail cell. The news of his demise sent shockwaves around the world. A few hours before his death, the Spanish High Court had approved his extradition to the United States.

He was arrested in Spain on October 5, 2020, at the request of the US Department of Justice, and the charge against him claimed that despite making millions of dollars, he neglected to file taxes for the years 2014-2018.


John McAfee was 75 years old and his wife Janice Dyson’s age is around 45 years old.


The couple doesn’t have any children.

Janice Dyson And John McAfee

McAfee saw his wife for the first time in 2012 after being deported from Guatemala to the United States, according to an ABC 20/20 story. With a couple of $5 bucks borrowed from a friend, he hired Janice, a pro*titute at the time.

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McAfee, according to Janice, recognized and understood her sorrow and turmoil, as well as the reason for her being on the streets. McAfee saved her from a vicious pimp and years of prostitution, allowing her to reunite with her estranged son.

“He recognized the human in me, you know what I’m saying?” she stated in a conversation with Matt Gutman. She went on to say that McAfee believed “I was deserving of a second opportunity.”


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McAfee and Janice, who is 37 years his junior, decided to rekindle their relationship and married in 2013.

McAfee resided with Janice in a fully armed house in Lexington, Tennessee, along with a bodyguard named John Pool, in constant terror of international schemes and assassins. Janice has yet to issue a remark regarding the passing of John McAfee. However, she said in the note that her husband’s extradition would be disastrous for him.

John McAfee Death Cause

According to police sources, the eccentric software entrepreneur was arrested in October and was awaiting extradition when he was discovered dead.

According to the publication, McAfee was apprehended in his cell in Barcelona, and authorities are investigating his death. “Everything points to suicide,” the newspaper reported, citing officials from the country’s law department. El Mundo, a second Spanish newspaper, likewise characterized McAfee’s death in jail as an apparent suicide.

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