JJ Vallow Biography: Wiki, Age, Missing, Found on Chad Daybell’s Property

Who is JJ Vallow?

Since September 2019 Joshua “JJ” Vallow, who was seven at the time, and his sister Tylee Ryan, 17, have not been seen. According to a new report, one set of human remains found on Chad Daybell ‘s property has been identified as the missing son of Doomsday-obsessed mom Lori Vallow.

Their mother, Lori Daybell, was arrested in February in Hawaii. The bones have been discovered in the home of the new husband of Mrs. Daybell, Chad Daybell, but have not yet been named. Mr. Daybell was arrested in Rexburg Tuesday, Idaho, police said.

He is an author who wrote several apocalyptic novels loosely based on Mormon religious teachings, and the couple was involved in a group that promotes apocalyptic preparation. Preparing a People, the organization denied being a “cult.”

JJ Vallow Age

He was 7 years old. Kay Woodcock, Joshua “JJ” Vallow’s grandmother, confirmed that the remains belonged to the 7-year-old boy, tweeted Justin Lum, a Fox 10 Phoenix reporter.

Remains of JJ Vallow found on the property of Chad Daybell

East Idaho News aerial coverage shows investigators searching Chad Daybell’s property today. source: nypost

The news comes as Fremont County prosecutor Rob Wood confirmed that there were children from the two sets of remains found at Vallow ‘s husband Chad Daybell ‘s home in Rexburg Tuesday. Daybell has been arrested and charged with two counts of destruction, alteration or concealment of evidence against him. On each count, he faces up to five years in jail.

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Daybell appeared in court via Zoom on Wednesday, as Wood indicated that there could be upgraded charges. Wood said, “The evidence that has been concealed in this case is not simply a document, or drugs or a gun,”. “These are human remains.”

The prosecutor said, “manner of concealment of one of those bodies is particularly egregious.”

Vallow is now kept on $1 million bails after her February detention. She is accused of lying to police over the whereabouts of her children. A friend said zombies were obsessed with Vallow and Daybell, with Joshua ‘s mother believing one.

Chad Daybell Charge

Chad Daybell (Source: Google)

Daybell, Lori Vallow ‘s husband, was charged with two counts of destroying evidence a day after they found the human remains. The remains were not identified positively, but they are children, said in court Fremont County Prosecutor Rob Wood. Sometime between September 2019 and June 2020, the two counts claimed he concealed the remains. He has set his bail at $1 million.

Since September Vallow ‘s children — Tylee Ryan, 17, and Joshua “J.J.” Vallow, 7 — have not been seen since. According to authorities, Tylee Ryan was last seen on September 8 when she visited Yellowstone National Park with her brother, mother, and uncle Alex Cox. Later that month Joshua was last seen at an Idaho party.

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