Who was Jhofran Chaya And Amira Chaya? Bio, Wiki, Age, Eat Poisonous Fruit And Die

Jhofran Chaya And Amira Chaya Bio/Wiki

After eating toxic fruit found in their grandmother’s garden, a young brother and sister named Jhofran Chaya And Amira Chaya died.

Mathias Jhofran Gonzalez Chaya, five, and her three-year-old sister Amira ate from a little tree called “bola de toro” in the area, which bears a huge, deadly cherry-like fruit.


Jhofran Chaya was 5 years old and Amira Chaya was 3 years old.

Jhofran Chaya And Amira Chaya Eat Poisonous Fruit And Die Full Details

On Sunday, a horrible tragedy occurred in the Colombian community of Montecito.

According to local news agency Noticias RCN, the children began to have seizures after eating the red fruit.

According to the-sun.com, Jesus Elias Vanegas, a neighbor, said, “The children thought they were apples and ate them.”

“At the time, nothing happened, but hours later they started to vomit and showed all the symptoms of poisoning.”

According to local reports, the siblings were transferred to the Emiro Quintero Canizares Hospital, where they remained for two days.

Children’s dad said, “The boy ate six fruits and the girl four. We took them to the hospital so they could be treated, but as we’re from Venezuela and the insurance they had didn’t count for much, the girl got worse and what they did was give her serum until she was sent to the ICU, where she died,” the-sun.com reported.

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The parents requested assistance from Colombia’s Ombudsman’s Office in order to relocate their remaining child to a better hospital in Cucuta.

Despite the fact that the transfer was approved, the boy died on the way due to a cardiac attack.

The children and their parents had come to Colombia from Venezuela, which has been in a state of social and economic crisis since 2010.

They were staying at their grandmother’s house at the time of the accident. Residents in Montecito have been told by police to remove the poisonous plant from their premises or face fines.

The decorative plant is thought to be common in the area.

The parents are said to be undergoing counseling in the adjacent town of Ocana, where their children were to be laid to rest.

The parents of the children are scheduled to return to Venezuela.

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