Jhamal Malik Paskel (Shot a Police Dog To Death) Biography: Wiki, Age, Guilty, Case Details

Who is Jhamal Malik Paskel? Jhamal Malik Paskel Bio/Wiki

Jhamal Malik Paskel was convicted in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday for killing Fang’s dog after a woman was abducted in 2018, prosecutors said.

Paskel raised a gun against a 25-year-old woman and forced her to drive, before dragging her out of the car with another 35-year-old passenger.

In a 2018 carjacking that came before the dog’s death, the Florida Times-Union reports, Paskel has pleaded guilty to armed robbery and kidnapping.


He is 19 years old.

Full Case Details

Police chased Paskel and used the computerized ignition system of the car to switch the engine off remotely.

With officers and the K-9 dog Fang in pursuit, this caused Paskel to hop out of the car and run. Three shots were fired at the dog by Paskel, leaving head and chest wounds and killing the animal.

Officer Matt Hererra, who was chasing Paskel, said that before dying, he heard his three-year-old dog yelp.

Herrera told Local 10, “Fang gave me that opportunity to go home to my family and my children that night,”

At the time, Paskel was 17 when Herrera was found running away in the jungle.

Found Guilty

Paskel apologized at a hearing in October and pleaded guilty to murdering a police dog, possession of a gun by a juvenile criminal, and felony fleeing. He has also pleaded guilty to armed robbery and kidnapping with a gun.

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