Jean-marc Vallée’s Ex-wife: Chantal Cadieux, Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Cause Of Death

Who Is Jean-marc Vallée’s Ex-wife Chantal Cadieux?

Chantal Cadieux is the wife of Canadian filmmaker, film editor, and screenwriter Jean-marc Vallée.

Jean-Marc Vallée was a screenwriter, filmmaker, and film editor from Canada.

Vallée went on to make a number of critically praised short films after studying film at the Université du Québec à Montréal, including Stéréotypes (1991), Les Fleurs magiques (1995), and Les Mots magiques (1999).


Jean-marc Vallée was 58 years old and his wife Chantal Cadieux is around 45-50 years old.


During the course of their marriage, the couple had two sons, Alex and Emile Vallée.

Jean-marc Vallée And Chantal Cadieux

Chantal Cadieux is a Quebec-based dramatist, screenwriter, and author.

She mostly writes in French and graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada with a diploma in playwriting in 1990.

It’s unclear how she met her ex-husband Jean-Marc, but given that they’re both from the same Canadian province and work in the same profession, it’s probable they met at work.

Furthermore, it is unknown how long the two were dating before marrying in 1990. From 1990 to 2006, Jean-Marc Vallée and Chantal Cadieux were married for over fifteen years.

It’s unclear what caused the breakup because neither Jean-Marc nor Chantal have ever spoken publicly about it.

Jean-Marc never married again, and Chantal is still unmarried as far as we know.

How Did Jean-marc Vallée Die?

He died on December 26, 2021, at the age of 58, at his cottage outside of Quebec City.

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The cause of Vallée’s death is unknown.

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