Who is Jean Byrne? Wiki, Bio, Age, RTE Weather Presenter, Quietly Retired Details

Jean Byrne Wiki/Bio

The Star can confirm that RTE’s popular weather presenter Jean Byrne has “quietly” quit after 25 years at Met Eireann.

According to sources, the Kerry woman, who is believed to be in her 40s, left Met Eireann and RTE right before Christmas.


She is around 40 years old.

Why is Jean Byrne Quietly Retired?

Evelyn Cusack paid tribute to a good friend and colleague, After a long career at Met Eireann and many years spent gracing our screens at RTE Weather, Jean Byrne hung up her weather charts at the end of 2021.

“Although we will miss Jean’s presence both in the Met Eireann forecast office and on our screens, we wish Jean every happiness and success in the future.”

Ms. Byrne, who hails from Tarbert in Kerry, had been a familiar face on television since 1996.

She earlier revealed that she was supposed to be a doctor before deciding to pursue math instead.

According to Evelyn Cusack, “There are so many humanitarian things that need addressing and need doing. I suppose I would have gone to Africa.

“I really thought I was only taking a break from medicine so it’s kind of hard to imagine myself being a doctor now. I guess there are certain aspects that I feel like I would have liked to have done.

“I think I have chosen the right bank and that’s what I’ve done. It also allowed me to study mathematics because that’s what I loved in school.

“I did a mathematical science degree in Trinity and then when I did that I would have felt like I had left something undone if I didn’t pursue that.”

She followed her enthusiasm and used her mathematical abilities as a meteorological officer, then as a meteorologist after earning an honours degree.

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Jean, on the other hand, wasn’t always the center of attention for her forecasts; throughout the previous 25 years, she’s raised temperatures and raised eyebrows with some daring ensembles.

She acknowledged in 2019 that while she has a lot of control over her on-screen appearance, there are some items she can’t wear.

She remarked, “I basically choose my own outfit and some of the stuff I have worn in the past has been my own, I never even intended to put it on air because it was what I wore outside,”

“The costume department in RTE are terrific as well.

“The camera makes you look bigger anyway, it puts on at least 10lbs and jackets make you look even bigger.

“It became a little bit more relaxed at one point and then I just decided, ‘OK, I’m a bit tired of the old jackets, I’ll wear one or two of my own things.

“I don’t go out of my way to find new designers but I do go out of my way in my spare time to source things and put them together.

“I don’t paint, but in a way, that’s my way of expressing my creativity.

“My main thing is getting what I want and I like things that nobody else is wearing — one-off pieces.

“In the weather office, we have a blue screen so you can’t wear certain types of blue, not anything that’s like a royal blue. Certain patterns don’t work either, they have what you call a strobing effect, so the best things are block colours.”

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