Who is Jaz Folarin? Bio, Wiki, Age, Her Daughter Victim Of A Racist TikTok Bullies Full Details

Jaz Folarin Bio/Wiki

A mother named Jaz Folarin from Elmwood Park, New Jersey, is pleading with TikTok and her daughter’s school district to intervene in the alleged racist comments her child received. “Pick my cotton,” according to sources, was one of the surprising remarks.

The girl is reportedly “scared” of returning to school in person. The mother of the child took to Twitter to share screenshots of the supposedly horrifying comments her daughter had got, as well as to file a lawsuit in the hopes that the users would be disciplined.


She is 12 years old.

Racist TikTok Bullies Full Details

Folarin is the mother of the 7th grader who was the subject of the racial slurs. On Twitter, she goes by the name @jaz melanin, and she told dailyvoice.com about it. “I couldn’t find out why. She is intelligent and well-liked. “It won’t match up.”

Folarin couldn’t figure out why her daughter was “resisting” going back to school, according to the paper. The 12-year-old later showed her mother screenshots of “racist remarks” left underneath her TikTok video.


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The child can be seen dancing with three male classmates from Elmwood Park Memorial Middle School in the video. The shocked mother took to Twitter to express her displeasure with the situation, including screenshots of the supposed racist remarks.

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She tweeted, “Facebook will block you for jokingly playing with your friends. @tiktok_us allows hate speech and racism to be posted in people’s comments. My daughter is a victim of Harassment, Intimidation and bullying on ur platform,”


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Folarin has also lodged a complaint with the Elmwood Park Board of Education’s abuse, coercion, and bullying professional, according to reports. Elmwood Park detectives started investigating the remarks on Wednesday, March 24, according to reports.

She said, “I’m very chill and laid back unless you bother me or mine – but especially when it comes to [her daughter],”

She added, “I’m more concerned with her [her daughters] safety right now,”

Her daughter didn’t want to go to school in person because she was afraid that the simulated abuse would “escalate,” according to sources. Her mother also announced that her daughter has an Indian acquaintance.

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