Who is James ‘Wyatt’ Dentel? Bio, Wiki, Age, Woman Engaged

James ‘Wyatt’ Dentel Bio, Wiki

While jailed in an Oregon jail, a prisoner named James ‘Wyatt’ Dentel met his fiancée while confined to his cell. James “Wyatt” Dentel, who is serving a 20-year term for shooting four men, has proposed to his now-fiancée Kelly Jacobs, a 28-year-old lady from the Netherlands who lives 5,000 miles away.

Dentel and Jacobs had never met in person. After countless letters, emails, and instant messaging exchanges, love grew between the two.


He is 32 years old.

Why James ‘Wyatt’ Dentel Jailed?

Kelly Jacobs has been writing to James “Wyatt” Dentel, a convicted felon, since 2019. He said, “I never wanted to get married or have children before I met him, but now I do,”

He is currently serving a 20-year term at Oregon’s Snake River Correctional Institution for assault and unauthorized use of a firearm following a bar brawl in 2012, during which he allegedly shot four guys. Jacobs described the incident that landed him in jail, “He was with a girlfriend, they were at a bar and they got attacked by five strangers,”

“He tried to protect himself and his girlfriend, he pulled a gun and shot four of them, but none of them died.”

James ‘Wyatt’ Dentel Fiance (What Happened?)

The unconventional couple’s relationship began two years ago, when Jacobs, a former prison intern, joined the inmate communication service Writeaprisoner.com to learn more about “what it’s like to be an inmate.”

Dentel was chosen by the Heerlen resident because he “looked kind,” and the two quickly became friends. Jacobs, starry-eyed, gushed, “After a while, we started calling and having video calls and using direct messenger, we would message each other for hours every day,”

She was first “scared,” and she even tried to suppress her feelings for Dentel because she didn’t want their relationship to “go that far,” according to the smitten social work graduate.

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Jacobs, on the other hand, changed her mind after realizing she could talk to her prison crush about “pretty much everything,” from random topics to “serious matters.”

Despite their “extremely different backgrounds,” the fledgling lovebirds shared a lot of common interests, such as Italian food, Miguel songs, and even “Game of Thrones.”

Dentel’s enamored pen pal said, “We talked about it a lot, he described all the negative aspects of being in a relationship with a prisoner, but I said I wanted to give it a try,”

Dentel proposed to his fiancée via video conference, and the two plan to marry in October, more than a decade before his scheduled release date.

The inmate proposed with a ring he MacGyvered in the can, but he also arranged for a real wedding band to be made by a jeweler on the outside.

The ceremony, however, may not be a postcard wedding, as Jacobs insists she doesn’t require anything extravagant.

“I won’t wear a typical, fancy dress for the wedding because people don’t do that for prison weddings,” the brave lady, who apparently got Dentel’s first initial tattooed on her ring finger, stated. Meanwhile, her prison lover is said to have many tattoos of her all over his body.

Jacobs’ parents were initially dubious of the relationship, but they have since learned to like her prospective husband, according to Newsflash.

She said, “They always thought that inmates were aggressive and rude, like on TV, but they now see that he is soft and warm and he has good manners,”

Dentel sought permission from his betrothed’s father before making the question, and he not only agreed but is also planning to attend the ceremony.

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Jacobs’ “protective” elder brother was the only one who had second thoughts about their relationship, but she believes he’ll change his mind after he meets her cellblock soulmate.

Jacobs said, “He proposed with a prison-made ring, but then he had someone in the free world order a ring at a jeweler for me,”

She’s already planning her wedding, despite the fact that she won’t be able to have conjugal visits with Dentel because the state of Oregon forbids it. She said, “For the wedding, I won’t wear a traditional, fancy dress, because people don’t do that for prison weddings. I will probably just wear a simple white dress or white trousers or a white skirt and top,”

Dentel and Jacobs intend to live together and have children after he is released from prison.

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