Who is James Hormel’s Husband Michael Peter Nguyen Araque?

Who is Michael Peter Nguyen Araque?

Michael Peter Nguyen Araque is the Husband of James Hormel.

James Hormel, the United States’ first openly gay ambassador, has died.

Hormel was named US ambassador to Luxembourg by then-President Bill Clinton from 1999 to 2000, according to CNN and The Hill. Clinton reportedly invoked executive privilege to appoint Hormel to the position, according to CNN.


James Hormel was 88 years old and his wife Michael Peter Nguyen Araque is around 55-58 years old.


James Hormel had 5 children, 14 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.

James Hormel And Michael Peter Nguyen Araque

Hormel was married to Alice Turner, a psychotherapist who is now retired, for ten years before coming out.

He and his husband, Michael Peter Nguyen Araque, lived in San Francisco, California.

According to The Hill and CNN, Clinton first selected Hormel for the position of ambassador in 1997. Despite this, he was not confirmed at the time because conservative Republicans were vocal in their opposition to his support for gay rights.

Hormel served on two distinct US delegations to the United Nations before becoming an ambassador.

He also co-founded the Human Rights Campaign and served as the dean of students at the University of Chicago Law School.

How Did James Hormel Die?

James Hormel died in San Francisco on August 13, 2021. According to CNN, Hormel’s death was revealed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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