Who is James Brian Chadwell? Bio, Wiki, Age, Charges, Accused Of Attempted Murder Full Details

James Brian Chadwell Bio/Wiki

On April 19, 2021, police discovered an unconscious, missing 9-year-old girl in James Brian Chadwell II’s basement, and he was charged with attempted murder.

Authorities in Delphi, just 15 miles away, are looking into him as a potential suspect in the 2017 murders of Delphi teenagers Abigail Williams and Liberty German. Tobe Leazenby, Carroll County Sheriff, told the Lafayette Journal & Courier, “The information has obviously been shared with us, and our investigators are looking into him,”


He is 42 years old.

Accused Of Attempted Murder Full Details

In February 2017, Abby and Libby were murdered while on a hike along an old bridge. According to Fox59, they were found near the Monon High Bridge Trail, which is part of the Delphi Historic Trails. Authorities also published two drawings of a potential suspect from a crime scene, one of which shows him to be much younger than the other.

They also released a Snapchat video of a man walking on a bridge toward the girls before they were killed, which was taken from Libby’s phone. According to WRTV, Libby also recorded his voice saying, “Down the hill.”

The manner in which they died has yet to be revealed by authorities. Other individuals have been investigated as suspects in the interim, but little has come of it.

Who Is The Missing Child?

According to the probable cause affidavit, a missing child was recorded, “subsequently located in the residence of James Chadwell on Park Avenue in Lafayette, Indiana.”

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On April 19, police were dispatched to a missing child incident near Park Avenue in Lafayette, according to the affidavit, “Upon arrival Officers took a report stating … a female child approximately ten years old had left her residence at approximately 6:30 p.m. and could not be found. While officers were searching the neighborhood, they made contact with James Chadwell, who told officers the girl had been at his residence earlier but had left,”

Officers resumed their search but returned to Chadwell’s home later and “asked him for permission to check his residence.” According to the affidavit, he let them in and the officers searched the basement, which they said was locked with a chain lock. They “found a young girl who was visibly distraught and crying, with her clothing on the floor beside her,” according to the report.

She was named as the missing person, and she said that Chadwell attempted to murder her. She was hurt and was rushed to the hospital to be treated. The girl said she went into Chadwell’s house and petted his pets. Chadwell assaulted her inside the building, she said.

The girl said Chadwell, according to the affidavit, “hit her in the head multiple times because she was fighting back. Victim 1 said Chadwell was also choking her with his hands on her neck and also using his arm in a headlock, to the point where she passed out. Victim 1 said most of her clothes were off when she regained consciousness and Chadwell took her into the basement,”


According to court documents, Chadwell is charged with Attempted Murder (intentionally murdering another individual); Child Molesting (def. is at least 21 years old); Kidnapping (victim is less than 14 years old); Criminal Confinement Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury; Battery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury; and Strangulation.

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