Who Is Jahron Swift? (Kansas City Nightclub Shooting Suspect) Bio, Wiki, Age, Shooting Video, Victims, News Conference

Jahron Swift Bio

The gunman who was involved in a mass shooting at the Kansas City nightclub on Sunday that left at least 16 people injured and 1 fatally injured was identified by the authorities as 29-year-old Jahron Swift of Kansas City, Missouri.

People were waiting in a line to get inside the bar as the Chiefs ‘ Party hosted after they won a spot in the Super Bowl when Swift started firing.

Jahron Swift Age

Jahron Swift was 29 years old

Kansas City Shooting

The shooting took place outside at 9ine Ultra Lounge bar around 11:30 p.m. On January 19, 2020, 4800 blocks from Noland Road. It is not yet clear whether all the wounded suffered gunshot injuries. The bar organized the Chiefs ‘ Meeting.

Kansas City.com confirmed that the gunman had started firing into a line of people waiting to get inside the bar. The motive is still unclear. Jahron Swift was only 29 years old. At least 15 other people arrived in the area hospitals as the investigation proceeded. At this time, 3 of these victims are in critical condition. The armed security guard at the store engaged a shooter outside the establishment.

They added: We believe the shooter is the deceased adult male. The circumstances that lead to this shooting are unknown.

Detectives and crime scene investigators will gather evidence and talk to witnesses to gather more information to see what led to this shooting. The next expected release of information is most likely to be the ID of the deceased victims once the next parent has been notified.

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Jahron Swift Victims

According to a police report, there were a total of 16 victims, two of whom died; Swift (the suspect) and a 25-year-old woman, Raeven A. Parks, both from Kansas City and the other 15 victims, three of whom are in critical condition.

Who Is Jahron Swift? (Kansas City Nightclub Shooting Suspect) Bio, Wiki, Age, Shooting Video, Victims, News Conference

Monday News Conference

The mayor declared himself incredibly frustrated. Last night was a night that a lot of people have been dreaming of in Kansas City … and why we won’t necessarily say that folks aren’t still happy. This is very disappointing for us. It’s heartbreaking for some things.

He added There’s too much of this in Kansas City… I grew up in the inner city. Everybody’s tired of this.. let’s put a stop to this.

Smith said Chief Smith said well over 50 officers responded to the scene. “They did a great job last night. This was very chaotic. We had hundreds of people fleeing… it was a very intense scene, to say the least,”

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