Jackie Mason Wife: Jyll Rosenfeld Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Jackie Mason Cause Of Death

Who is Jyll Rosenfeld?

Was Jackie Mason married? Yes, Jyll Rosenfeld is the wife of Jackie Mason. Jyll Rosenfeld and Jackie Mason have been married for 30 years.

The 93-year-old stand-up comedian and actor died on July 24, 2021.


Jackie Mason was 94 years old and his wife Jyll Rosenfeld is 80-83 years old.


Mason and Rosenfeld never had children together in their 30 years of marriage, but Mason did have a love child, Sheba Mason, who was born in 1985.

Despite the fact that she was the comedian’s only child, Mason refused to accept her, and Sheba and her father were alienated for the majority of her life.

Jackie Mason And Jyll Rosenfeld

Mason married Jyll Rosenfeld, his 37-year-old manager, on August 14, 1991.

Rosenfeld is a screenwriter as well as a producer. She is most recognized for her roles in films such as A Stroke of Genius, Stiffs, and One Angry Man.

Rosenfeld began her career in the entertainment sector in 1984, but she has not been active since 2011, according to her IMDB biography. Rosenfeld is currently based in Manhattan. Her precise date of birth is unknown, however, she is said to be in her early 80s.

How Did Jackie Mason Die? (Cause Of Death)

After being hospitalized for nearly two weeks, Jackie Mason died peacefully in his sleep on July 24, 2021, at 6 p.m. ET at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

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His lawyer Raoul Felder confirmed the news. Felder said, “Jackie Mason died peacefully with several close friends and family at his side,”

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