Who is Jack McGeoch? Bio, Wiki, Age, Nearly Died While Doing A Tiktok Challenge

Jack McGeoch Bio/Wiki

A 9-year-old child named Jack McGeoch in the United Kingdom came dangerously close to death after swallowing six magnets, an act that appears to be part of a dangerous fake-piercing craze sweeping TikTok.

Borestone Parents, a local Facebook group, documented the traumatic incident.


He is 9 years old.

9-Year-Old Boy Jack McGeoch Nearly Died While Doing A Tiktok Challenge Full Details

Carolann McGeoch described the frightening occurrence involving her son, Jack, in a Facebook post. She wrote, “It was explained to me that the damage these magnets can cause could be so extreme that he might not pull through,”

On Sept. 7, when Jack began vomiting and feeling severe abdominal discomfort at their home in Stirling, Scotland, she suspected something was wrong.

According to the Facebook post, he was rushed to Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children, where X-rays indicated that “something was clogging his gut.”

After some examination, it was determined that the obstacles were magnets, and Jack finally admitted to ingesting them.

His bewildered mother stated that her son had accidentally swallowed them while participating in a TikTok challenge.

On the app, there are videos of kids pretending to have a pierced tongue by putting round Magneto balls on the tops and bottoms of their lickers.

Carolann was told that her son, who would eventually endure a four-hour procedure, might not make it due to the harm caused by the magnets staying together through the intestinal wall.

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The parent said, “Through floods of tears I then had to sign my permission to the operation and to acknowledging that ‘anything could happen,’

Is Jack McGeoch Ok?

Jack’s appendix, small intestine, and 12 inches of his big intestine were removed during the treatment, Carolann mourned, “all for the sake of some silly magnets.”

Her “funny, outgoing, and healthy” kid is unable to walk unassisted five days after surgery and is on a liquid diet.

She wrote, “There are videos across social media encouraging kids to do tricks with these but what the videos fail to mention is that ultimately those tiny wee magnets could kill,”

“Jack’s life has changed forever, let’s stop others from having to go through the same.”

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