Who is Izabela Eduarda de Sousa? Bio, Wiki, Age, Dies From Infection, Death Cause

Izabela Eduarda de Sousa Bio/Wiki

A teen named Izabela Eduarda de Sousa died after developing a terrible infection as a result of a botched self-piercing at home.

Izabela Eduarda de Sousa died as a result of a deadly infection that caused her face to swell and her eye to be squeezed shut. She performed the treatment in her home in Engenheiro Caldas, Minas Gerais, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, with the assistance of a friend.


She was 15 years old.

Dies From Infection Full Details

The youngster had previously petitioned her mother, as well as several other family members, to allow her to get the facial piercing, but she, along with several other family members, had refused.

Izabela began to exhibit concerning signs three days later. She was rushed to the hospital after the region around her eyes got inflamed and irritated, and she suffered four heart arrests.

Her body began to reject the alien thing, and her health began to deteriorate. She was then taken to a more modern hospital, where she spent a week on a breathing machine. Unfortunately, she died soon after, much to the dismay of her family. Jurciene de Souza, her aunt, said after her death: “This is a plea from an aunt who has lost a very beautiful, very special niece.

“Obey your parents, your aunts and uncles, and your grandparents.”

What Was The Infection

Doctors believe Izabela would have lost sight in the eye beneath the piercing if she had lived. Aesthetic operations like as piercings should be performed by professionals in specialized, regulated clinics, according to health professionals.

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