Who is Isaiah Brown? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shot 10 Times By Sheriff’s Deputy Full Details

Isaiah Brown Bio/Wiki

In a horrific incident in Virginia’s Spotsylvania County, an unarmed Black man named Isaiah Brown was shot 10 times by a Sheriff’s deputy who was also a White cop.

According to NBC 4, the officer began firing at Isaiah L. Brown after giving him a ride home on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. His siblings claim the deputy fired at their brother ‘for no reason.’

While responding to a 911 call from his end, the unidentified deputy shot Isaiah. According to The Sun, the bullets struck his forehead, throat, cheek, and pelvic region. Brown is now in the hospital and is expected to recover from the heinous shooting.


He was 32 years old.

Shot 10 Times By Sheriff’s Deputy Full Details

Isaiah L. Brown is a Spotsylvania resident who was shot just outside his house.

Brown’s car broke down at a gas station on Route 34 around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, which began the whole thing. A Sheriff’s deputy discovered him stuck at the time and gave him a ride home.

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After safely transporting Isaiah Brown to his residence, the cop told his brother Tazmon Brown that Isaiah was not in any danger.

Tazmon Brown, Isaiah’s brother said to NBC 4, “He was like, ‘Your brother is fine. He’s not in trouble. His car broke down and I gave him a ride,”

However, the same cop seems to have returned to Brown’s house soon afterward, responding to his 911 call about a domestic disturbance. When Brown needed a ride back to his car before it was towed, he reportedly got into an argument with his brother Tazmon. He dialed 911 to request police assistance in their domestic dispute.

The same deputy who had earlier given Isaiah Brown a ride home responded to the call at this time.

The problem was classified as a domestic disturbance, according to him. After screaming ‘Hands Up’ at Brown around 3:30 a.m., the deputy allegedly began firing at him.

Why Deputy Shot Isaiah Brown?

Yolanda Brown, Isaiah’s sister, said, “I’m just still trying to figure out where he felt the threat at, to feel the need to shoot,”

According to authorities, the same deputy officer who shot Brown offered medical assistance and performed CPR on him after the shooting.

Virginia State Police spokesperson Sergeant Brent Coffey stated, “The sheriff’s deputy attempted to verbally engage Brown, and it was during this encounter that the deputy discharged his service weapon. Brown was shot, and the deputy immediately rendered medical aid.”

“Brown was transported to Mary Washington Hospital, where he is still being treated for serious, but non-life threatening, injuries,”

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