Who is Isabela Martinez (Killed With 3 Daughters)? Biography: Wiki, Age, Killed In Fire, Georgia Mobile Home Bursts, GoFundMe

Isabela Martinez Bio/Wiki

After their mobile home burst into flames, a young woman named ‘Isabela Martinez’ and her three daughters were killed.

According to sources, Isabela Martinez and Alexa, Ashley, and Daniela were stuck inside the trailer when flames shot through the roof.


Mother Isabela Martinez’s age is unknown Alexa was 6 years old, Ashley was 4 years old, and Daniela was 1-year-old.

Killed With Her 3 Daughters Details

The Fire Department of Gwinnett County said crews responded to a fire off Smokecreek Parkway SW in Snellville, around 40 minutes east of Atlanta, at about 2:19 a.m.

Fire crews worked their way through a window and, Gwinnett fire officials said, handed two of the young children to colleagues outside. Bystanders had attempted to reach the building, but the heat and smoke had turned them back.

The two kids were unconscious and received medical attention. Firefighters proceeded to search the house and found another child dead, along with her mother. Tragically, for the young family, it was too late, with authorities reporting that all four victims had died.

Investigators conclude that the blaze began at the rear of the trailer.

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WSB-TV notes that the late mother and her young children were named by the children’s father and grandfather.

Killed In Fire Details

Coria said that her friend was an amazing, caring mother. She said, “She was a good mom. She always takes care of her daughters, does anything for her daughters,”

She added, “I have five boys and it hurts because you never know when it’s going to be your last day to be together as a family.”

The mourning family was surrounded by relatives, neighbors, and church leaders as fire officials tried to find out how it happened.

Pastor Joaquin Contreras said the father of the children attends his church regularly. He made sure to be here so that through this painful loss, he could pray with him in person.

GoFundMe Campaign

The mourning family has been supported by relatives, neighbors, and church leaders, while a GoFundMe donation page has been created to help the family to rest.

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