Who is Isaac Kearney? Bio, Wiki, Age, Whitney Houston

Isaac Kearney Bio/Wiki

After lip-syncing to his favorite Phil Collins song and ‘air drumming’ the famous interlude, a music-loving child named Isaac Kearney went viral.

Isaac Kearney was born with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, a rare genetic disease that causes him to develop more slowly than other children his age. However, the three-year-old, who is infatuated with Phil Collins, has no qualms about lip-syncing to the Phil Collins classic “In The Air Tonight.”


He is 3 years old.

How Isaac Kearney Goes Viral?

Isaac understands every word and even plays the drums during the famous pre-chorus interlude.

Kearney started filming Isaac so she could show his grandparents what he was doing.

However, when she shared the video online, it became evident that Isaac’s car-seat concert was enjoyed by more than just his family, and this isn’t the first time: earlier this year, a video of Isaac impersonating Whitney Houston went viral.

Kearney said, “He is a real character. He loves all the attention; this encourages him more when he notices people watching him,”

“Isaac is the most fun, outgoing, brave, clever, caring, cheekiest little boy. He lives for music.”

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