Who was Indian Red Boy? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shot And Killed On IG Live

Indian Red Boy Bio/Wiki

According to Hip Hop Lately, Indian Red Boy was a California rapper who was shot and died on Instagram Live footage.

What is Indian Red Boy’s real name? Zerail Dijon Rivera of Inglewood, California, was shot and died while riding in his car streaming an Instagram Live video on July 8, 2021, according to Hip Hop Lately.

The gunshot victim’s name was Zerail Rivera, according to both Hey SoCal.com and MyNewsLa. According to some sources, the rapper’s name is Indian Boy Redd.


He was 21 years old.

Shot And Killed On Instagram Live (Full Details)

The disturbing footage, which you can view below, shows a man identified as Indian Red Boy by Hip Hop Lately and others on social media sitting in a car when he is shot.

He then appears to be having trouble speaking, and his face is covered with blood. If you want, you can watch the video below via a link, but be warned that it is horrifying and frightening.

According to The Hip Hop Site, the shooting may have been motivated by disrespect for a Nipsey Hussle mural, but investigators have yet to corroborate this. The same unsubstantiated assertion is made in a Reddit thread, which says, “Wild shooting caught on live.”


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According to the thread, Indian Red Boy’s friend “is the guy who spray painted over nispey hustles memorial.”

After watching the video on Twitter, many people were taken aback. One man wrote, “Man I don’t want to see that Indian Red Boy video again and hate it came across my timeline. Clearly retaliation for nipsey mural but man…that was a lot,”

Watch The Full Video (Full Instagram Live Footage)

On Facebook, you can see the video. The victim was talking to a friend when multiple gunshots rang out in less than a minute. His pal shouts, “What the f***?” The sufferer seemed to be trying but failing to talk.

According to a KCAL television report, Hawthorne police were on the scene of the incident. A “male in his 20s who was shot and killed inside this car” was the victim. The automobile, according to the reporter, has numerous bullet holes. He isn’t mentioned in the story.

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Who Shot Indian Red Boy?

According to the television reporter, he was shot in the face and died at the scene, with his family there and a big crowd gathered. Hawthorne Police Lt. Ti Goetz told City News Service that the victim “looks to be a gang member” and that “it appears to be a targeted walk-up shooting.”

According to CBS Los Angeles, the incident occurred around 4 p.m. in the 14100 block of Chadron Avenue, while the man was sitting inside a car. At the spot, he was pronounced dead.

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