Who was Igor Bogdanoff? Wiki, Bio, Age, French TV Star, Death Cause

Igor Bogdanoff Wiki/Bio

Igor Bogdanoff, a French TV star, died of Covid just days after his twin brother Grichka died of a virus. The broadcaster died of the sickness on Monday in a Parisian hospital, only six days after his late brother died of the same illness.


He was 72 years old.


The Bogdanoff twins are best renowned for their eccentric personalities and manner, as well as their characteristic, similar facial structures, which the duo swore were not the consequence of plastic surgery.

The couple, who are known for their outlandish personalities, have been on a number of television shows, most notably on the French edition of The Masked Singer.

The Bogdanoffs began their entertainment career in France in the 1980s as hosts of the science fiction show Temps X.

They went on to air several other shows, largely in the science fiction genre, including Rayons X in 2002.

Igor was a well-educated man outside of the entertainment world, with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Burgundy.

After Grichka boasted about adding to the source code, the twins became a symbol in the bitcoin world and the subject of a series of memes claiming they “created Bitcoin.”

In the early 2000s, the Bogdanoffs were at the heart of controversy for publishing lengthy physics papers in scientific publications that their peers and media personalities claimed were not well evaluated and full of deceptive assertions.

In 2010, the twins were involved in a defamation action against the magazine Marianne, which was eventually dismissed by the courts.

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Despite this, many of the twins’ assertions were dismissed by the scientific community, and the “Bogdanoff Affair” publications are thought to be of little scientific worth.

How Did Igor Bogdanoff Die?

Although the reason for Igor’s death has not been determined, relatives claim he had been hospitalized since mid-December.



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