Who is Idit Harel Segal? Bio, Wiki, Age, Donates Kidney To A Gaza Boy

Idit Harel Segal Bio/Wiki

An Israeli woman named Idit Harel Segal had decided to give one of her kidneys to a stranger as a present. The proud Israeli kindergarten teacher from northern Israel believed that her choice would serve as an example of compassion in a land riven by violence.

Idit Harel Segal was inspired by her late grandfather, a Holocaust survivor who encouraged her to have a meaningful life, as well as Jewish tradition, which teaches that saving a life is the highest duty.


She is 50 years old.

Idit Harel Segal Donates Kidney To A Gaza Boy

Segal reached out to a service that connects donors and receivers, kicking up a nine-month procedure to donate her kidney to someone in need.

That, someone, turned out to be a 3-year-old Gaza Strip Palestinian boy. Segal wrote to the kid in Hebrew, but the boy’s family requested anonymity owing to the sensitivity of dealing with Israelis. She said, “You don’t know me, but soon we’ll be very close because my kidney will be in your body,”

The letter was translated into Arabic by a friend so that the family could comprehend it. According to the WJHL, she added, “I hope with all my heart that this surgery will succeed and you will live a long and healthy and meaningful life.”

Following an 11-day war, she said, “I threw away the anger and frustration and see only one thing. I see hope for peace and love,”

“And if there will be more like us, there won’t be anything to fight over.”

Her Husband And Family Did Not Agree

What happened in the months between Segal’s choice and the transplant on June 16 tore the family apart. The proposal was rejected by her husband and the oldest of her three children, a son in his early twenties. Her father ceased to speak to her.

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To them, Segal said, she was putting her life in danger unnecessarily. It was made considerably more terrible by the deaths of three relatives in Palestinian attacks, including her father’s parents.

During a recent interview in her hillside home in Eshhar, Segal stated, “My family was really against it. Everyone was against it. My husband, my sister, her husband. And the one who supported me the least was my father,”

“They were afraid.”

She kept the boy’s identity a secret for months after she found out who he was. Segal added, “I told no one,”

“I told myself if the reaction to the kidney donation is so harsh, so obviously the fact that a Palestinian boy is getting it will make it even harsher.”

She claims that her husband, as well as her children, now have a greater understanding of the situation. Segal’s father called on the eve of her operation. Segal said, “I don’t remember what he said because he was crying,”

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