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Hollister Tryon Bio/Wiki

After authorities allege he hacked into his school’s database and referenced a statement from A*olf Hi*ler in a high school yearbook, a Connecticut student named Hollister Tryon has been charged with computer crimes.

Hollister Tryon was a student at Glastonbury High School, where the remark was posted beneath a photo of an innocent classmate in May, according to police. Police said, “It is a quite special secret pleasure how the people around us fail to realize what is really happening to them.”


He is 18 years old.

Put Hitler Quote In Yearbook Full Details

George Floyd, a Black man killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin last May, was credited with the quote in the yearbook.

After the school started distributing the yearbooks in May, the quotes were discovered. The school eventually ordered the yearbooks to be recalled in order to delete the problematic quotes.

Tyron was also accused of being responsible for another unlawful yearbook entry that mentioned one of the Boston Marathon bombers and drug use, according to police.

Dr. Nancy E. Bean, Glastonbury’s principal, wrote in an email to the school community that the incident has left the school ‘saddened’ and ‘distressed,’ and that the school condemns all acts of violence.

Bean said, “Acts of bias, bullying, and cruelty are not acceptable at out school,”

“We are committed to to ensuring all Glastonbury High School students feel safe and supported.”


Bean stated that the school has banned yearbook distribution and has collected all yearbooks given to seniors.

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Tryon was also prevented from attending his graduation ceremony, and he is appearing in court on August 6 for two counts of third-degree computer crime.

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