Who was Ho Van Lang? Bio, Wiki, Age, Tarzan, Death Cause

Ho Van Lang Bio/Wiki

After surviving 40 years in the Vietnamese forest, a man named Ho Van Lang labeled a “real-life Tarzan” died of liver cancer.

Ho Van Lang passed away on Monday, nearly eight years after he and his father, Ho Van Thanh, returned to civilization.

In 1972, the couple retreated into the Tra Bong district’s woods, fleeing airstrikes by US troops during the Vietnam War, which murdered half of their family.


He was 52 years old.

Ho Van Lang Was Real Life Tarzan

He considered the real-life Tarzan “very endearing,” but said that he struggled to let go of his jungle life.

When Lang entered a village in quest of medical care for his then-ailing father, who died of undisclosed reasons in 2017, the men were forced to enter a nearby town in 2013.

Ho Van Tri, Lang’s older brother, had been his only contact with civilization up until that moment.

Lang’s buddy Alvaro Cerezo told Mercury Press that all the trappings of “modern life,” such as chemical-laden processed foods, had likely killed him. He said, “I’m so sad to see him go, but for me, his passing is also a liberation because I know he was suffering in the last months,”

Prior to their departure, their family lived a normal life in Tra Kem.

They eventually learned to forage and hunt in the wild, grow crops, and build shelter, and stripped down to their minimal needs, wearing only a loincloth to keep warm.

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They lived as “jungle men” for 41 years until a group of hikers came across Lang and Thanh, who appeared to be in misery. In August 2013, a team of rescuers was informed and tracked down.

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