Who is Herrera Hamilton Moreno? Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Crashing Into Fence

Herrera Hamilton Moreno Bio/Wiki

Herrera Hamilton Moreno faces many accusations after reportedly ramming a stolen vehicle into a USCG security gate at the St. Pete Clearwater airport and boarding the cockpit of a parked plane while fleeing from police.

Moreno drove past the fence around the airport shortly before 5 a.m. Saturday, according to authorities, and continued on to a section of the tarmac where planes are parked. He fled toward the US Coast Guard station as officers attempted to stop him.


He is 36 years old.

Crashing Into Fence (What Happened?)

Moreno allegedly smashed through the USCG security gate as cops pursued him, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Moreno jumped into a parked C-130 plane, entered the cockpit, and was hauled into custody by deputies as the vehicle came to a halt in a large hangar.

Fleeing and eluding, trespassing, grand theft auto, habitual traffic offender, burglary, and two counts of criminal mischief are among the allegations against Hamilton. There were no injuries to deputies or citizens and no damage to the aircraft.

The event is being investigated, and federal charges are expected to be filed soon.


Moreno, according to investigators, initially drove past a barrier around the airport in a vehicle that had been reported stolen earlier in the day in Tampa. There were no injuries. There were no airplanes that were damaged.

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