Hayden Harris (Drum Soldier Found Dead) Biography: Wiki, Age, Suspect, Murder Full Details

Who is Hayden Harris? Hayden Harris Bio/Wiki

Fort Drum says that Hayden Harris, a soldier confirmed to have been missing, was found dead. Since Friday, Corporal Harris a 1st Squadron infantryman, 89th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Unit, 10th Mountain Division, has been missing.

Fort Drum promoted Harris to Corporal posthumously and awarded him the Army Commendation Medal. He is remembered as a great soldier and an outstanding, loving person.


He was 20 years old.

Found Dead Full Details

The last time Harris was heard was between 8 p.m. and Thursday 6:30 a.m. Friday, according to the public relations office of Fort Drum. An Army statement said that he was going to Watertown “for some kind of vehicle transaction and has not been seen since.”

After being reported missing, Army Cpl. Hayden Harris was found dead Saturday in a wooded area in Byram Township, N.J. First Assistant Attorney General Gregory Mueller of Sussex County said Sunday that another soldier was being held in Upstate New York, pending an extradition hearing to New Jersey.

CBS reports that Jamaal Mellish, who was also stationed at Fort Drum, has been named as the other soldier.

Mueller said Harris left Thursday night’s military base to meet Mellish, 23, in nearby Watertown, N.Y., for “some type of exchange of vehicles.”

Authorities suspect that the meeting somehow deteriorated and Harris was “abducted” and killed by Mellish. Formal criminal charges, including murder and firearms charges, are scheduled to be released Monday, Mueller said.

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Mueller told The New Jersey Herald that in a 2017 white Chevrolet Silverado, Mellish allegedly took Harris and drove him to the New York City area and finally into New Jersey across the state line.

Army officials previously said that Harris was driving a red 2016 Ford Mustang with Tennessee license plates from his home state; Sgt. Daniel DeWald of the Byram Town Police Department also belonged to Harris, said the Silverado.


A soldier has been taken into custody, the New Jersey Herald newspaper says, and will be charged with murdering CPL Hayden Harris, a Fort Drum soldier who went missing about two days ago and was recently found dead.

Herald reporter Lori Comstock, speaking with Sussex County NJ First Assistant Prosecutor Gregory Mueller, discovered that one of Harris’ fellow soldiers, 23-year-old Jamaal Mellish, is the suspect who will be charged with the murder.

Mueller told the Herald that prosecutors claim that when they met in Watertown for some sort of vehicle trade, Mellish “abducted” Harris, and the meeting escalated. CPL Harris was last seen between Thursday, December 17th, and Friday, December 18th, Army officials said.

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