Hannah Dean (Falsely Claim Hospitals Are Empty) Biography: Wiki, Age, Lockdown Protester, Fined Full Details

Who is Hannah Dean? Hannah Dean Bio/Wiki

The police have fined an anti-lockdown activist named Hannah Dean who has been visiting hospitals and taking photos that purportedly demonstrate they are “empty.”

Photo Credit: ©Hannah Dean / Facebook

Hannah Dean filmed and posted a video from hospitals “not on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19,” from Portsmouth, which “caused angst in the community,” Hampshire Police stated.


She is 30 years old.

Falsely Claim Hospitals Are Empty Full Details

Her Facebook profile features images and videos from the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, the General Hospital in Southampton, the Princess Royal University Hospital near Bromley, Kent, and Chichester’s St Richard’s Hospital.

She wrote a post: “Hospital is the quietest I have ever seen it! I walked all over the hospital, including A&E! I know this is hard to get our heads around, but the government is lying to us! And the reason why they’re lying to us….. is very disturbing!”

Hampshire Constabulary Have confirmed to me in writing, that they have no grounds to detain me and I am not obliged to…

Posted by Hannah Dean on Monday, 11 January 2021


Last week, portsmouth revealed that Ms. Dean’s false posts were being investigated, with Hampshire Constabulary reporting that a 30-year-old woman was fined on Facebook, although the post now seems to have been deleted.

The force initially claimed that no violation of the lockdown rules had occurred, but later stated that it had obtained new information about the incident. It comes after Sir Simon Stevens told the Downing Street briefing last week that it was “simply untrue” to say that hospitals were vacant.

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The police released an anti-lockdown hoaxer who posted pictures of “empty” hospitals with a £200 fine on Facebook.

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  1. Hannah Dean is now claiming on her FB page that she wasnt fined at all and it’s more media lies. Please someone shut this silly woman up.

    • Completely agree. She’s demoralising staff who are working their butts off. If only she could spend an actual day in the life of an intensive care!
      She should be fined, more than £200! Also for going into hospital for not the reason of attending an appointment etc! (Unnecessary travel!)

  2. isn’t this the woman that claims to be a reporter, yet, has no reporting credentials or association with any media outlet?

    clearly she’s mentally unwell and should get help.


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