Who are Geoffrey Hibbert And Michelle Hibbert? Bio, Wiki, Age, Murdered, Brutal Attack

Geoffrey Hibbert And Michelle Hibbert Bio/Wiki

Police have identified two people who were killed in a suspected double murder in Basingstoke on Sunday.

A father named Geoffrey Hibbert who was found dead alongside his wife named Michelle Caroline Hibbert in a brutal double killing that left his little baby orphaned may be seen.

In the violent attack on their semi-detached cottage in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Geoffrey Hibbert and his wife Michelle were killed.


Michelle Caroline Hibbert was 29 years old and Geoffrey Hibbert was 61 years old.

Murdered in Brutal Attack Full Details

Mr. Hibbert, 61, and Michelle, 29, were brutally killed in the early hours of Sunday morning at their home.

According to neighbors, the couple had a two-year-old boy living with them. Following complaints that an incident had gone out of hand, police were dispatched to the site just after 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.

As forensic experts examined a nearby flat, officers sealed off the streets around the property on Buckland Avenue.


After being arrested on suspicion of murder, a 52-year-old man remains in police custody.

According to thesun.co.uk, in 2008, a Fathers 4 Justice demonstrator costumed as Batman ascended a gantry on the M25 and unfurled a banner featuring photos of his eight-year-old daughter, causing thousands of cars to come to a halt. He was later arrested on suspicion of injuring drivers.

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He said: “I cannot describe how not being able to see her makes me feel.

“If I had taken her away I would be in prison for kidnap but my ex-partner can do it and it’s fine. Where is the justice?”

What Happend?

Mr. Hibbert’s distraught brother arrived at his home today, where a white police tent remains on the front lawn.

Frank Hibbert said: “I was going to come down to visit him yesterday, and when I saw a lot of police and blue lights and the road all cordoned off I knew it was my brother’s house straight away.

“The police won’t tell me anything, even though I’ve said he’s my brother.”

“We saw they have arrested a 52 year old man but that’s about all we know.”

“I want to find out what will happen to his son – he’s only two or three years old and he’s my main concern. Me and Geoffrey didn’t see eye to eye all the time but as brothers and family we have helped each other out in the past. I know that if I asked him to do me a favour he would have done it.”

“Geoffrey repairs bikes and has a small holding of sheep somewhere nearby, though I’ve never been there.”

“Now I have to go and tell all of this to my dad who lives in London, but I still don’t know anything about what happened. I just want to know what’s going on with the little boy and I want to see justice for whatever has happened.”

Thesun.co.uk added, according to a woman who lives in the same block of flats, “Lots of police descended at around 4am on Sunday morning, but we didn’t see anyone getting arrested.

“All today and yesterday they have been searching the flat. I think it’s linked to the double murder – that’s the rumour that’s going around.”

Chief Inspector Matthew Reeves told that: “This is a shocking incident, and I understand that members of the local community will be concerned. We have a number of officers working hard at the scene, and there will be an increased police presence in the area.

“I want to reiterate that we believe all parties involved are known to each other and that there is no known threat to the wider community. If you have any concerns, or information, please feel confident to approach one of our Neighbourhood Policing officers as they are on patrol in the area.”

“Alternatively, if you have information please give us a call on 101 quoting Operation Carnation.”

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