Who is Gabriela Lima Santana? Bio, Wiki, Age, Brazilian Gang Filmed Themselves Murdering Her Full Details

Gabriela Lima Santana Bio/Wiki

The murder and dismemberment of a young woman were reportedly filmed by a notorious Brazilian gang. The gang members are accused of filming themselves killing a woman, dismembering her body, and stuffing the body parts into a suitcase, which was later found in a drainage ditch after her arm floated to the surface.

Gabriela Lima Santana is thought to have been butchered in a bathroom in revenge for a rival gang, according to local media reports cited by The US Sun.


She was 21 years old.

Brazilian Gang Filmed Themselves Murdering Her Full Details


Gabriela Lima Santana was last seen on March 13, 2021, although it is believed she went missing even earlier. When excavating garbage from a ditch in Capao da Canoa, municipal workers discovered her remains.

One of Santana’s arms was said to have slipped out of the suitcase when a worker used the heavy machine to lift luggage. Her limb sunk to the pool’s bottom before floating to the surface.

Her head, torso, legs, and other arm were retrieved from the suitcase by forensics experts. Investigators discovered saws and knives among the body pieces, which they believe were used to amputate the young woman. The suitcase also included rocks that were used to make it sink.

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Santana was identified by her fingerprints and the distinctive tattoos on her body, one of which was allegedly linked to a local gang. Following the shocking discovery, the detectives looked into a creepy video they had obtained on March 1st, in which a woman was filmed being hacked inside a bathroom by a smiling murderer.

Santana is believed to be the woman in this video, according to the police. It’s unclear how the police learned about the shocking video, but they’ve detained two suspects: a 49-year-old man who was seen in the footage and a 23-year-old man who reportedly filmed it. At least two other suspects in the case are also being sought by police.

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