Gabi Grecko (Geoffrey Edelsten Wife) Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Geoffrey Edelsten Death Cause

Who is Geoffrey Edelsten Wife Gabi Grecko?

Gabi Grecko is the third wife of Geoffrey Edelsten.

Gabi Grecko And Geoffrey Edelsten

Geoffrey Edelsten, a showy doctor who helped save the Sydney Swans from extinction and had a string of young spouses, passed away at the age of 78.

According to the ABC and local media, Edelsten died on Friday at his Melbourne home.

Following the discovery of a man’s body in a St Kilda Road apartment on Friday afternoon, Victoria police stated that a report would be prepared for the coroner. The death was not being investigated as a possible homicide.


Geoffrey Edelsten Wife Gabi Grecko is 33 years old and Geoffrey Edelsten is 78 years old.

Gabi Grecko And Geoffrey Edelsten

Edelsten revealed his intention to marry Gabi Grecko, a 46-year-younger lady, in July 2014. Edelsten and Grecko got engaged on June 11, 2015.

Geoffrey Edelsten Wives

But it was his attraction to women that made the news. Though he met and married his first wife, model Leanne Nesbitt, in the 1980s, most Australians will remember him for his romance with Brynne Gordon.

Gordon, a fitness teacher who married in 2009 and changed her name to Edelsten, was a socialite who was frequently featured in Australia’s tabloids. Brynne, who met Edelsten on a blind date in Las Vegas when she was 25 years old, married the multi-millionaire in style. Their extravagant wedding on November 29, 2009, would be remembered for years.

The couple, who were 41 years apart in age, raised heads with their extravagant wedding, which cost a whopping $3.3 million at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

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Brynne revealed in an interview with Stellar magazine that she never married for the money.

Geoffrey Edelsten Death Cause

Edelsten, who was 78 years old at the time, was discovered dead in his Melbourne condominium on June 11, 2021. Edelsten is believed to have died on Friday afternoon in his Melbourne residence on St Kilda Road, according to the Herald Sun.

The death is not being viewed as suspicious, according to the report.

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