Fayek Azab (Dies At 77) Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Death Cause

Who is Fayek Azab? Fayek Azab Bio/Wiki

Fayek Azab is an Egyptian actor born in Ismailia in 1943, who during his studies at Ibn Hazm Elementary School worked as the acting team leader, moved to Cairo to complete his study trip, where he entered the Faculty of Arts, the University of Cairo in 1960, and won the University’s Best Actor Cup.

The Egyptian media said that in addition to his infection with the Coronavirus, the great Egyptian artist, Fayek Azab, died after fighting Marsa’s disease.


He was 77 years old.


In many works of art, most notably “Weld Al Ghalaba”, “Katibat El Edam”, “Taitah Rahibah” and “Wahed. “Men El Nas, “,” Ahlam Omrena, “,” Fe Mahatet masr, “and others.

The last creative work of the late actor was the Weld Al Ghalaba 2019 TV series, in which he starred as a guest star.

Between cinema, television, and theater, Fayeq Azab presented nearly 260 artistic works, the last of which was his participation in the series “Al-Daher” with Mohamed Fouad and “shot of luck” with Mustafa Khater.

Death Cause

Hundreds of Ismailis performed funeral prayer for the body of actor Fayek Azab near the grave, who died at the age of 77 and became friends with the late artist Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy in his life and died of misery after a tale of spinal cord distress, the new Coronavirus, and Marsa bacteria.

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As a consequence of his fall on his neck and the movement of his hand and foot stopped, Azab suffered from spinal cord health issues, which subjected him to surgery.

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