Who is Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla? Bio, Wiki, Age, Found Dead, Investigation, Death Cause Full Details

Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla Bio/Wiki

Lamonn C Young, better known as rapper Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla, was discovered dead inside a burning car on Tuesday, according to Milwaukee’s CBS affiliate. The 42-year-old rapper’s body was discovered near Hawley Road and Martin Drive.

According to recent news, police have yet to arrest any suspects despite a public call for anyone with information about the homicide to come forward.

The body of Gwalla Gwalla was found in the early hours of Tuesday, May 18, and the medical examiner ruled it a murder. Family members expressed their grief and expressed their desire for the rapper to be remembered as a father, husband, artist, and entrepreneur.


He was 42 years old.


As police investigate the rapper’s murder, a study claims that Milwaukee will have 59 homicides in 2021, matching the number of homicides in 2020, which was also 59 from January to May.

To add to the disturbing news, reports claim that the city has seen an alarming increase in the number of non-fatal shootings in 2021, with an average of more than two a year, more than twice the average from the previous year. From January 1 to May 18, 2020, there were 143 non-fatal shootings, compared to 285 in 2021.

Found Dead (Death Cause)

There is no further detail about Young’s death or the circumstances surrounding his death.

Activist Tracey Dent talked to CBS 58 about the devastating death, lamenting the loss of a young artist and the sense of fear and urgency it has instilled in the community about rising violence. He said, A lot of talent is gone, it’s gone way too soon,”

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He added, “It’s a sense of urgency right now because people are scared, you know, they’re scared to come out of their house, because someone is getting shot or killed every single day.”

Dent, who spoke more about the numbers and the rising fear in the community, said, “We’re just trying to build unity across the county and everybody start working together, sharing resources and so we can start reducing the violence in our city!”

GoFundMe Campaign

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to assist him in raising funds for his children. The page has so far raised over $21,000, far exceeding their target.

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