Who is Farrakhan Muhammad? Bio, Wiki, Age, Times Square Shooting Full Details

Farrakhan Muhammad Bio/Wiki

According to law enforcement sources, the alleged Times Square shooter was aiming for his brother when he shot three innocent people, and the sibling later dropped the dime on him.

After a bizarre chain of events led cops to his brother, Farrakhan Muhammad, a CD peddler, was named as the suspected shooter in Saturday’s terror, sources said.


He is 31 years old.

Times Square Shooting Full Details

The alleged gunman was captured on surveillance footage at the scene of Saturday’s carnage in Times Square shortly before 5 p.m., and the photos were widely circulated.

Sources said two sergeants with the Manhattan South Detective Bureau were investigating a fatal overnight stabbing at a West 31st Street single-room-occupancy hotel when they noticed a man who looked almost identical to the suspected gunman, down to his clothing, hanging around.

According to reports, cops approached the guy to interview him, telling him he looked just like the Times Square suspect. According to sources, the man who was not involved in the stabbing but claimed to live at the SRO responded, “I’m his brother.”

Muhammad is now on the run from the cops. According to reports, the man then informed police that his brother had been firing at him during the Times Square shooting. According to the NYposte a source told, “Textbook detective work,”

A source added, “We have our heavy hunters looking for him,”

According to reports, the suspect has previously been arrested, including last year for allegedly assaulting a random passerby who attempted to intervene when Muhammad began harassing a couple on the street.

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According to sources, Muhammad reportedly forced the good Samaritan into a trash can until the suspect’s friend punched the victim in the chest.

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