Who is Faith Keplinger? Bio, Wiki, Age, Death Cause

Faith Keplinger Bio/Wiki

Faith Kleppinger is a well-known author and the creator of CNN’s iconic “The Ridicuist.” Faith began working as a news journalist for CNN after graduating from college in 1994.

Faith was well-liked by the people she interacted with at CNN, according to Anderson Cooper. Faith is a great vocalist and musician who has worked on a number of studio projects in addition to being a writer.

She had her first music debut in 2002 with the publication of Asleep In The Well, and after the album’s success, she released “No Galore In 2014.”


She is 28-30 years old.

How Did Faith Keplinger Die? (Death Cause)

Faith Kleppinger began to feel ill in July 2020, and in February 2021, she was diagnosed with a rare form of appendix cancer.

During the Anderson Cooper, 360 show, CNN host Anderson Cooper broke the news of Faith’s illness to the public. Anderson shared that he paid Faith a visit last week and that the CNN crew is sending her plenty of love.

According to a tribute and condolence message sent by Blake Rainey, head of Hancho, Faith Kleppinger died today, June 16th, 2021:

We lost our dear friend Faith Kleppinger today. We were fortunate enough to be able to visit her over Mother’s Day weekend and celebrate one last time before her departure. She was a beautiful soul and a tribute on the music scene in Atlanta 20 years ago, before moving to NYC to continue her writing career with CNN and for Anderson Cooper. I was also fortunate to help her make an album long ago in 2002 with David Barbe in Athens, GA. Here’s one that she wrote and we did together as a duet. RIP old friend

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