Evelyn Mae Boswell Bio, Wiki, Age, Found 15 Month Old Evelyn Boswell’s Remains

Who is Evelyn Mae Boswell? Found 15 Month Old Evelyn Boswell’s Remains

Authorities claim they have found the remains of Evelyn Boswell, a 15-month-old, who was reported missing a little over two weeks ago. Evelyn was last seen in December and police said they were initially investigating last month why it took so long to report the missing child.

Evelyn Mae Boswell Bio, Wiki, Age, Found 15 Month Old Evelyn Boswell's Remains

Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said investigators received a tip on Friday that led to a property belonging to an “Evelyn’s mother’s family member.” Police will confirm Evelyn’s identity after an autopsy has been conducted, Cassidy said.

The investigation is still ongoing and officials said it is in its early stages.
The finding follows two weeks of local, state and federal attempts to locate the child, working through interviews with a mother who said police changed her story every time she spoke to them.

Evelyn Mae Boswell’s Mother Was Arrested for Giving False reports

Megan Boswell

Evelyn’s mother, Megan Boswell, 18, was arrested in February and charged with one count of false reports, Cassidy said last month.

“During the investigation we determined that some of the statements Megan Boswell provided to us were false,” the sheriff had said. “Many of the false statements that Megan made delayed our investigation and also impeded our investigation on trying to find Evelyn.”

The sheriff said the story of the mother would change “every time” that she was talking to police.

Boswell, who did not return an earlier request for comment from CNN, said in a Facebook message to CNN affiliateWJHL that she was pregnant and unable to take a polygraph test. But the office of the sheriff said that it was not using polygraph tests. And the Tennessee Investigation Bureau also told CNN that it was not expected to meet with the office’s polygraph examiner.

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Jail documents released last month by the Sheriff’s office revealed that Boswell was not pregnant, reports WJHL.

Boswell has sole custody over the child and, authorities have said, Evelyn’s father is an active-duty military servant stationed in Louisiana.

Evelyn Boswell’s Grandmother Was Arrested

Evelyn Mae Boswell Bio, Wiki, Age, Found 15 Month Old Evelyn Boswell's Remains
Angela Boswell and William McCloud

Days after the baby was given an AMBER alert, Evelyn’s grandmother was arrested alongside her boyfriend after police said they may have disappearance information. Angela Boswell, 42, and William McCloud, 33, were found in Wilkes County, North Carolina, riding in a gray 2007 BMW.

According to the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office, the two were charged with possession of stolen property, and extradited to Tennessee. Angela Boswell appeared in court on Wednesday for the property theft charge, where she told the judge she was having trouble finding an attorney because of the “stigma” that surrounds the case.
The judge postponed the lawsuit until March 24.

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