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Who is Ethan Bourne? Ethan Bourne Bio/Wiki

A 12-year-old boy named ‘Ethan Bourne ‘ took his own life in his bedroom, his heartbroken grandmother announced, just hours after telling his mother he loved her. Ethan Bourne’s family have been left with ‘too many questions’ after the Arsenal fan was found dead on January 8 in his bedroom in Waltham Forest, London.

Ethan baked an Oreo cheesecake for his mother just hours before his death and told her how much he loved her. The next day, after taking his own life, he was found dead in his home, his grandmother, Samantha Legonidet, said.

She said, “He absolutely adored Arsenal, he loved cars, Ferraris. He loved fishing, and animals were really good with his younger siblings. He Loved the PlayStation like all boys that age.”

“I guess really he was a typical 12-year-old. A typical boy didn’t really speak about his feelings, which is what we’re finding difficult now.”

“We’ve got so many questions as to why this happened.”

According to the GoFundMe website, he was born on 3rd January 2009.


He was 12 years old.

Takes Own Life Full Details (Death Cause)

Five days ago, Ethan had turned 12 and was seemingly living a peaceful life in Waltham Forest with his mother and siblings.

The young boy had recently moved from Redbridge, but every weekend he would stay with his grandmother.

He began high school in September but was only going to attend for three months as the pandemic forced him to close. Ethan had gone through a period of bad temper and remaining in his bedroom, but in the past few weeks he seemed to have ‘snapped out of it’.

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Ms. Legonidet said, “The day before [his death] he had been cooking with his mum. [He] baked an Oreo cheesecake, which his mum still won’t let go of. He had a really nice evening with his mum. He’d gone to bed at 9.30 pm when his mum had told him it was time to turn the PlayStation off. “

“Ethan said, ‘Love you Mum, goodnight’.”

Ethan’s friends at his school were told of the unfortunate death of the young boy, even though the school didn’t tell them how he really died.

GoFundMe Campaign

Ethan’s uncle, speaking on the GoFundMe website, said: “This had been such a shock to everybody has put us in a position as a family that we haven’t planned for such tragedies and ask with heavy hearts for help from those around us. No matter how small, anything would be a great help toward us giving our precious boy the send off he deserves.”

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