Emmanuel Farhi (Harvard Economics Professor) Biography: Wiki, Age, Family, Death Cause

Who is Emmanuel Farhi? Emmanuel Farhi Biography

Emmanuel Farhi was a French economist at Harvard University and a professor of economics. He based his work on macroeconomics and finance. Between 2010 to 2012 he was a member of the French Council for Economic Analysis to the French Prime Minister.

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Emmanuel Farh Age

He Was 41 years old

Emmanuel Farh Education

An economist’s son, Farhi grew up in Paris where he attended the Louis-le-Grand Lycée. He won the Concours général in Physics at the age of 16 and proceeded in preparatory class to study mathematics. Ranked 1st on the 1997 École Polytechnique national entrance test, he finally decided to join the École Normale Supérieure. He specialized in achieving 2nd position in mathematics at the Agrégation de Mathematiques (degree in French). In 2001, he was accepted into the Corps des Mines.

He completed his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and in 2006 he earned a Ph.D.

Emmanuel Farh Career

Farhi started his career in the Harvard Department of Economics in 2006 and was promoted to tenure in 2010. His research, while highly quantitative, sheds light on practical issues such as macroprudential supervision, mitigating the impacts of economic crises, or understanding fiscal policy implications. He evaluated, for example, the infamous social VAT, a law implemented by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and abolished by his successor Francois Hollande only to re-emerge in a new form: the “Competitiveness Pact”.

The IMF released a list of the 25 “economists under 45 [who] would have the most impact on our view of the global economy in the coming decades” in September 2014. For his work on “monetary economics, international economics, finance and public finance, including research on global imbalances, monetary and fiscal policy, and taxation,” Farhi was one of seven French economists mentioned.

Farhi also co-authored scholarly articles including Ivan Werning, Xavier Gabaix, and Jean Tirole.

Emmanuel Farh Death Cause

Emmanuel Farhi, a French economist and Harvard University professor of subject matter, died at age 41. Farhi died July 23rd.

Harvard colleague Neil Shephard Tweeted

Very sad today as my Harvard Economics colleague Professor Emmanuel Farhi died unexpected yesterday.


His work was very wide ranging, including writing important papers on financial stability.

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