Emma Reilly (Mother Dies From Covid) Biography: Wiki, Age, Death Cause

Who is Emma Reilly? Emma Reilly Bio/Wiki

Emma Reilly died after she tested positive for coronavirus 12 days after she was admitted to Salford Royal Hospital. The mother-of-one had suffered from cold symptoms that significantly intensified over the Christmas season, including a sore throat and runny nose.

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On Boxing Day, her husband, Tony, wanted to call for an ambulance when her condition further worsened and she developed an ‘unusual cough‘.


She was 38 years old and her husband Tony also 38 years old. Her son Connor is 6 years old.

Emma Dies From Covid Full Details

Emma took a Covid-19 test with her husband Tony and both came out positive.

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Emma watched her son Connor open his presents on Christmas Day, but opened none of them herself and asked to sleep on the sofa with the patio doors open because she was hot. After Emma experienced an “unusual cough,” Tony agreed at around 1 am on Boxing Day to call an ambulance.

Emma was taken to the Royal Hospital of Salford and given a special oxygen supply mask. Staff later told Tony that Emma didn’t get enough oxygen and had to put her to bed and put her on a ventilator.

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He said to BirminghamLive: “She rang me and she was so weak she could hardly speak. She told me and Connor that she loved us. That was the last time I ever spoke to her. They put her to sleep and placed her on a ventilator.”

Death Cause

Tony got the shocking call that nothing more could be done to save her in the early hours of January 7. He took Connor to the hospital, but they went home because she had initially shown signs of improvement.

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Once again, Emma’s condition declined and Tony went back to the hospital. He said that as she passed away, he squeezed Emma’s hand.

Tony said, “The hardest thing I have ever had to do was to tell Connor that his mummy had gone to heaven. It broke my heart.”

Tony added: “Emma was such a bubbly fun going woman with a heart of gold.”

GoFundMe Campaign

To raise funds for Emma’s funeral, Elaine Darwin, headteacher of Connor’s school, Irlam Primary School, set up a GoFundMe:

Its Wrote, “This is for the family of Emma Reilly, a beautiful lady both inside and out, who passed away in hospital after contracting COVID 19. She leaves behind her heartbroken husband, Tony, and 6-year-old son Connor. The money raised will help the family through their devastating loss and will be put into savings to help Connor, which is what Emma would have wanted.”

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